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Eva Minge

Although I am sure that this designer does not need any introduction, but I will do little informative one, in case there was any person who has not heard about Eva.

Eva Minge
Borned in Poland 23.05.1967.
Finished history of art and cultural studies.
Eva works in fashion and design industry since 1994.
She has an international title "Next Couture" and is a considered a trend-setter.
In addition to her line of clothing designer also gives licenses to companies that produce under its brand, for example sunglasses, exclusive furniture, children's shoes.
Her collections were presented during the Rome Fashion Week Alta Roma and Milan, Kiev, Paris, Montreal, Moscow, Barcelona, Berlin, Vienna and Dubai.
Since 2008 presents her collections at the Paris Haute Couture.

But lets go to the point.
We just get a fresh informations and some photos from New York.

Eva Minge Ready-to-wear Fall/Winter 2011/12 New York Fashion Week

Trends suggested by the designer for this season can be described in three simple slogans: wool, warmth and imagination.
Alot of celebrities appeared on the presentation including Kelly Rowland dressed in outfits from the latest collection of Eva.

Newest collection is a combination of graphic design with an exquisite softness of fabrics. Amazingly fluffy wool and mohair handmade stitches cause incredible softness of fabric, which creates a delicate combinations, refined in every detail, highlighting the clothes fit.

Collection presented in New York is one of the most original collections shown so far by the Polish designer eventho she did not resign from her favourite black colour. Eva Minge thanks to the combination of wool, mohair and velvet fabrics such as silk or lace showed an extremely feminine and sensual show. The red accents suits really well to the black base. Once again, Eva Minge proves that she is a perfectionist both in the art of tailoring, as well as revitalizing the imagination. Elegant, soft and warm wrapped in luxury - this should be description of the female style in the season autumn / winter 2011/12.

And here enjoy some looks from the show:

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