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The Icons I - Anja Rubik

I know that each of us has it own sentence to the topic of  "icons".
The first thought is most often the Madonna, Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe.
We can talk about icons of the acting, icons of the fashion, icons of the style.
If to consider the one „title” in the category of Polish models, I think that many of you think first, Anja Rubik! And that's about Her I would like to write a few words.

27 - years old model comes from Rzeszow.

                                                             Anja as a child.

She started her career at the age of 15  right after in 2000 she took part in the local competition, and departed from it richer for the contract with a Paris modelling agency.
A few years later moved to New York where she started to do really major things.
Anja is currently 4th in the world ranking Top 50 Models
and 18th in the ranking of the best-paid models in the world.

                                             Anja's polaroid from 2004

Thanks to this ideal combination of  her look and character, she participated in advertising campaigns including Valentino, Diesel, Versace, Dior, Emporio Armani, H & M, Chloé, Dolce & Gabbana, Keita Maruyama, La Perla, Guy Laroche, Emanuel Ungaro, Ralph Lauren St. John Morgan, Tod's, Jimmy Choo, Berney's, Antonio Fusco, Chanel, Gucci, Gap, Zara, Massimo Dutti, DKNY, Lacoste, Quazi, Lanvin, Giuseppe Zanotti and more.

Also on covers:
Australia: 'Russh' - November 2007
Brazil: 'Vogue Beleza'
Czech Republic: 'Harper’s Bazaar' - May 2005
France: 'Biba' - October 2000; 'French'; 'Vogue Beauté'; 'Numéro' - April 2005, 'Numéro' - June/July 2006; 'Numéro' - June 2007; 'Vogue' - June/July 2009; 'Numéro' - May 2010
Germany: 'Vogue' - July 2008; 'Vogue' - September 2009; 'Vogue' - October 2010
Hungary: 'Glamour' - November 2010
Italy: 'D' - November 1 2003; 'D' - May 15th; 'D' - April/May 2004; 'Vogue Beauty' - ; 'Muse'- #6; 'Flair' - May 2006; 'Vogue' - April 2006; 'Flair' - May 2007
Japan: 'Vogue Beauty' - 2006; 'Numero' - October 2007; 'Vogue' - 2008; 'Vogue' - August 2009; 'Spur' - October 2009; 'Harper's Bazaar' - March 2010
Korea: 'Elle' - May 2008; 'Numero' - January 2009; 'Vogue' - May 2009; 'W' - March 2010; 'Vogue' - June 2010; 'Allure' - December 2010
Mexico: 'Vogue' - October 2010
Norway: 'Costume' - October 2010
Poland: 'Twój Styl' - July 2003; 'Glamour' - 2004; 'Twój Styl' - November 2005; 'Pani' 2006; 'Elle' - March 2008; 'Glamour' - February 2010; 'Gala' - September 13 2010; 'Moda' - November 2010
Russia: 'Vogue' - November 2010; 'Vogue' - February 2011
Spain: 'Vogue' - March 2010; 'Marie Claire' - December 2010
US: 'W' - 2005; 'Nylon' - April 2008; 'V Magazine' - September 2008; 'Time' (style & design) - Autumn 2009

For years, she is the queen of the world's catwalks during Fashion Weeks.

                                                                   credits goes to AIHBA

Anja appeared on shows such as Yves Saint-Laurent, Paco Rabanne, Carolina Herrera, D&G, Donna Karan, Karl Lagerfeld, Luca Luca, Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, Moschino, Bluemarine, Balenciaga, Gucci, Givenchy, Roberto Cavalli, Kenzo, Alexander McQueen, Atsuro Tayama, Christian Lacroix, Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Anna Molinari, Brian Reyes, Matthew Williamson, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Tuleh.

Is she beautiful? Do you even though she is pretty?
For many, yes, not for others, the taste is apparently not discussed.
One certainly it isn't possible to refuse her. Her face is so outstanding, recognizable in every make-up, in every style, at every show.
And so a real Top model should be charismatic, has thousands of faces, millions of glances.
Anja is also known as a person who is the evidence that the model is not only the body, not just the face. Proud of the fact that she found herself in this world becouse of personality.
Work with her it is simply pleasure – these are words of many great photographers and designers.

If we already have a "Top Model" theme, in late 2010 Anja with her mother agency (Division)
hosted the first Polish edition of "Next Top Model" - the famous American show.

Currently our star is in Australia with her fiancé Sasha Knezevic (congratulations!),
where she is spending her holidays after working on advertising materials for the Apart company,
for which she is an ambassadress from 2010.

It is possible to see the short movie in which she is relating their stay on :
Anja Rubik in Australia - Video

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Im warmly inviting You to post Your opinion about Anja!

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  1. interesting articles on your blog.

  2. Dzięki za komentarz. Fajny blog. Na pewno będę tu wpadał.

  3. She was growing up there but she was born in Rzeszów :)

  4. aww, the childhood pic is sweet, never seen it :) and yes, one of the greatest model of her times.. !

  5. Jeden z największych modeli!
    Chociaż dorastała ona nie miała na sobie drogie zużycie projektanta, jak ona pokazała możesz być modne i stylowe, bez drogich zużycia projektanta. Mamy TheTrendSeeker promować modę w przystępnych cenach, więc każdy może aspirować być modne.
    Nasze motto jest moda jest o to, czego nie nosić o ile to kosztuje