piątek, 8 kwietnia 2011

Meet the finalist 2. [Magdalena Herwich]

Magdalena Herwich   
A finalist of Golden Threads 2011 in the Premiere Vision category 
with the Urban Warriors collection 
About the designer:
A graduate of the University of Art in Poznań in the direction of the scenery with the specialization of fashion design.
She is inspired by almost anything: history, through painting, comics, music, mythical figures, dreams and pop culture.
Her costumes are mainly
theatrical (so is their purpose) 
but Magda also develops a more "utilitarian" projects. 
What she likes the most is creating hats and experimenting with form and material.  
Mostly sewing is done by hand..

From the author - about the Urban Warriors.  

Designs are inspired by female characters of warriors from our past.  
While creating the collection I focused mainly on designing a variety of uniforms. To build their forms I used my own technique of mixing, combining, applying and processing of strings of different thickness and with different tangle.  
All uniforms and accessories are handmade.
My designs attempt to create a "multicultural uniform" using the authorial technique. Uniforms-armors were designed to combine the past and future, history and functionality with a new form and a different character.
The collection is an attempt to capture what is elusive in the bellicose nature of women and to materialize this.

photo: Dawid Pietraszewski
designer: Magdalena Herwich
models: Renata Renamo, Ewa Dudała, Agata Krogulec, 
Kornelia Muszyńska, Aleksanda Broniś
make- up: Klaudia Pytlarz

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  1. ooooh I just can't get through these all descriptions, full of artistic, intelectual chimeras, which I am too shallow to understand or are simply grapghomaniac:P

  2. and except that I don't like the shoes on the 4th picture...