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[Poland Next TOP MODEL] - Ania Piszczałka

I never supposed, that girls from Poland Next TOP MODEL are that busy at all.
It took a some weeks before Ania replied for my questions, in the meanwhile I had a chance to meet her at the fashion show in my hometown.
Ania was trying to predict when she will reply for my massage [fast brain-scan of self-calendar ^^] whispering to herself plans for next days, I finally got placed in next week, and here I got it!

She likes pop, rock and blues, in free time she is running cause sport is important for her.
Determined young woman enjoying her (hopefully long) 5 minutes!

"I found the information about TOP MODEL casting in the internet. I have seen an American version before, and thought that a casting like this is a big chance for me. Some part of my family liked this idea, the rest not really. But my determination won. I just went there and tried. I had my brothers and mom feedback"

"Before the program I was working with one agency, I had one shooting there and I was in Milan, but I didn't make any fashion show there."

Recording all episodes was a hard work or rather a good fun? I know its not all so nice and easy as it looks like in TV ;-)
It was a hard work.We never knew what awaited us, uncertainty, fatigue, stress and too little sleep

Any friendships gained during the contest? You still have a contact with all finalists?
I have a contact with almost all girls, of course, because the pace of work is not often we meet, but recently I was able to meet with Nicole, Beata, Kasia and Paulina.

What do You personally think about the program? About the production, the idea of it, selection of finalists? And about the results of course ;-)
It's a great idea, this program can really help in development.
I'm satisfied of the end result, I'm proud of myself.

How are you doing now when you're recognized, we can read about you on the tabloids? Do you have to be very careful in everything you do/say, in what you wear every day, or You live same as before the program? 
A lot is happening in my life now, I am recognized, people react very positively to me ...  
Of course I do care about my image, but I live same as before the program.

We can see You working a lot, mainly on the runways, is this what you like, or you prefer a photo shootings? 
On the catwalk, I feel like "fish in water" but I like to play in front of the camera. These two things are composed together

Latest works?
Shooting for JOY Magazine and Existence Magazine

Could You describe how your random day looks now? Is it whole filled by work and meetings? What are your plans for nearest feature? School? Traveling? Moving to Warsaw?
I live in a very fast pace, I have very little free time for myself. Constantly traveling in Poland, and recently I was in the Canary Islands (for the session to Joy Magazine.)  
And because of work, I decided to move to Warsaw, and I live here from several weeks.  
In the near future I would like to go abroad to check there myself as a model. 
Then studies for sure and in the future I would like to open my own business and build a family.

What get changed  in your personality and your life after the program?
It's hard to say, but I noticed that I'm more resilient to stress… Eventho I already feel freely on the runway and in front of the camera, but every time I learn something new and I know that with each job I will be richer with new experiences that will help me in further work.

Don't you regret going for that casting sometimes? Don't You think that you could just live normally without pressure of medias and public opinion?
No, of course I don't. I wouldn't change my decision even if that is possible.

Can you tell if Division is preparing for you already some foreign contracts? Is any place on Earth that you would love to visit the most? 
Yes, my agency thinks about sending me abroad, and it makes me very happy. I like visiting new places and I do not have any special one which I would like to visit.

Do You have your favorite model?
Each of models have something special, but the one I admire the most is Anja Rubik

You had a chance to meet Anja personally, whats your opinion about her as a person?
Anja is lovely! Very kind and beautiful.

 What do you think about this "profession"? It's been a few months from the end of the program, so you maybe already have and opinion on this matter. We can often hear that models have so easy life, that modeling is not a "job" at all and that the money comes to you "for nothing" do you agree with stereotypes like these?
Profession of model is actually really hard. Sometimes the sessions are held in adverse circumstances, they last for days ... On the castings we often have to wait several hours for your turn. And then the fatigue, lack of sleep and we must always look good, fresh. But the end result of the show or shooting makes me love this job and forget about all difficulties.

 Ania for Małgorzata Dudek Bridal Collection (fot. Iwona Bielecka)

From myself I can only add, that after our short conversation I'm assuming Ania as a really charming person so I keep my fingers crossed for her :-) 

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