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Meet the finalists 1. [Damian Konieczny]

Damian Konieczny
A finalist of Golden Threads 2011 in the Premiere Vision category with the Raster collection 

About the designer:
Currently a student of Fashion at College of Art and Design in Poland (Łodz). 
This year working hard on fulfilling his biggest ambition - becoming a fashion designer (a real one!).
Inspirations -depends on the moment and the mood, eyes wide open - that is the main rule.
The best thing in fashion right now- variety and courage,
The worst thing in fashion right now- lack of self-criticism (not always of course, says Damian)

From the author - about the Raster 

Main words describing the collection: lightness, transience, dynamism, move, evolution.
A starting point of creating this collection were strong, contrasting emotions- power, sensitivity, intransigence, doubt and time - the glue of entire story. The vehicle that I used to demonstrate two periods- past and present was the material itself. On the one hand application of thin steal wire thanks to which I received throbbing, rhythmic move. On the other hand perforated two-flake fabric which let me receive round, soft, bringing slowing down of the time to mind forms.

Photo: Pola Chrobot (Photopolka), Łukasz Gładki
Hair& Make-Up: Nina Fortecka
Models: Ania J. (Golden models) Karolina G. (Mango models)


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