środa, 30 marca 2011

New Faces

Models, models, models... never ending theme for me!

This evening I'm introducing the most interesting new faces from polish agencies.
Of course everyone has a right to his own opinion :-)

Since this girl won Oskary Fashion yesterday, lets meet her first:

Hania Koczewska
Mother agency: REBEL Models
Stats: height 1.76 / bust 79 / waist 61 / hips 88 / shoes 39 / eyes blue / hair light brown
Age: 15
Amazing gaze, charming freckles, great body and self-confidence. 
Still really young, but hopefully soon we will see her abroad. For now, Hania is updating her book and working in Poland.

Ola Korytowska 
Mother agency: GAGA Models
Stats: height 177 / bust 78 / waist 60 / hips 90 / hair dark blond / eyes blue
Age: 16
Ola is really catchy, mostly cause of characteristic lips, but just felt in love when I saw her polaroids.
She looks so "royal", unforgettable eyes, perfect pale skin. She already has an option for IMG (worldwide) and GAGA for sure will menage her career well.

Iza Wróblewska
Mother agency: STARSYSTEM Warsaw
Stats: height 177 / bust 83 / waist 62 / hips 90 / shoes 40 / hair blond / eyes gray
Age: 16
With her cute smile she amazed international bookers of the biggest agencies.
Now she is working on her body and English skills, and soon her mother agency is going to place her in NEXT or WOMEN.

Kamila Smogulecka
Mother agency: SPP Models
Stats: height 173 / bust 90 / waist 61 / hips 88 / shoes 40 / hair dark blond / eyes blue
Age: 15
You can love her or hate her, but she is the most unique girl I saw since.. ever. And god, she is 15!
I actually "stole" her photos from maxmodels, because she not yet on SPP website.
I'm praying for some more centimeters of height for her, that's all she needs now.

Mother agency: ML Studio
Stats: height 179 / bust 85 / waist 62 / hips 87 / shoes 41 / hair dark blond / eyes blue
Age: 13
I'm not really a fan of so young models, but this one is so promising! For sure ML Studio will prepare her well to work abroad one day.
She is so fresh, natural, has perfect measurements and extremely long legs. So far Ida had only some simple shots with no make up on, and already showed her potential. We can only imagine what she will show us later!

There are so many new girls with great features that its hard to pick :-) 
You can find all full portfolios at their MA web's, enjoy, and keep fingers crossed for up rising stars!
Oh well, lets at least hope for the best :-)

6 komentarzy:

  1. Hania ma już 178 cm:D

  2. Ida skonczyla 14 lat i wlasnie jest na swoim pierwszym kontrakcie w Atenach z agencja Fashion Cult

  3. co dalej z Ida?

  4. Z Hani wzrostem trudno powiedzieć. Na stronie Model Plus ma 1,76 na stronie Women Milan również, natomiast na Women Paris już 1,78. Jednym słowem jej wzrost to zagadka, ale pewnie waha się nadal w okolicach 1,76 ;D

  5. Ida rozstała się z ML Studio. Z tego, co wiem, na razie nie ma nowej agencji matki :)

  6. Hania jest ochydna, nie przeradam za jej uroda. najpiekniejsza kobieta wydaje mi sie Ida.good luck