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Talents mode on - Łukasz Pukowiec

I just had a chance to ask young gifted man some questions, a photographer -
Łukasz Pukowiec.
This 20-years-old boy must be succesful.. yeah because if not he, then who?
Oh well, a few is still comes to my mind, but about them some other time.

Me: When did You start with photography? Why did You pick this hobby?
Łukasz: Everything started 4 years ago, I got small compact camera as a present. I used to take photos of my friends. The idea about this hobby? I don't really know, everything came spontaneously. Then I didn't think that I will become a fashion photographer. I always had a weakness to the fashion, however I had no idea that it will fill whole my life.
Me: So fashion itself is interesting for You aswell?
Łukasz: Yes, ofcourse. I think its really important, cause its hard to shoot something what is actually boring for You or what You have no idea about.
Me: Oh, so maybe thats the key to the success, which step by step You are achieving pretty fast.
If Im not wrong, You already have some publications in the portfolio?
Łukasz: It's still long way to talk about the success :-)
And yes, so far my works appeared in Fashion magazine, 
Vanity Teen, Fiasco magazine, Umno magazine.
I hope that it will be an interesting year and it will all move fast for me.

 (Sonia Trzewikowska for Fashion Magazine)

Me: This year You have final exams and You are starting hmm.. a new part of Your life, do You have some specific plans for the nearest months? 
Łukasz: Im planning to live in Warsaw, this is like the center of fashion market in Poland, we will see what is going to happen. For sure I will keep taking photos and searching for new inspirations.
Me: You are planning to work on Your own, or rather joining some agency?
Łukasz: Well.. its easier to work in the agency, You dont need to take care of looking for clients and stuff, You are just doing what You do the best - photography.
So I guess that sooner or later, I will try to work for some good agency :-)
Me: Fingers crossed then. 
Last 4 years You were working with many beautiful polish models, any of them You like the most? And maybe there is one which You would really love to work with?

 (Paulina Gierasimiuk for Vanity Teen)

Łukasz: All models I worked with are amazing. These are my muses, it would be really hard to pick the best one. Recently I had a shooting with Mariana Idźkowska, it was really great, she is truly incredible.
Me: We are waiting for the results then.
Okay, its time for a really common question :-) Favorite photographer?
Łukasz: I think I don't have one. I like Steven Meisel, Solve Sundsbo, Tim Walker.
Their works are really good, they have an imagination and fresh look, thats what I love.
Me: Im following You almost from the beginning, You are getting better with every shooting, well.. atleast in my opinion :-)
What about You? Are You satisfied with Your works?

 (Magdalena Berus for Fiasco magazine)

Łukasz: Yes, I am satisfied, however all the time I want more. It's not like any of us will ever be fully satisfied with what we are doing right? ;-) This is it, thats why we are improving ourselves.

I have to agree with his last words :-)

I really adore his photos, maybe because I appreciate simplicity, and its not that easy to make it interesting then. I guess its not me only, cause Łukasz is working with our leading agencies, doing so called test shots for models.
Anyway, I hope that sooner or later his talent will be discovered by the right people, so we will be able to get some Vogue issues with the photos of another great Polish photographer.

Enjoy the photos, and find more on > ŁUKASZ PUKOWIEC PHOTOGRAPHY

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  1. His works are really impressive. And he's so young!
    Do you know Joanna Klimas(www.joannaklimas.com)? Haven't seen her on your list of polish fashion designers.

  2. O nigdy o nim nie słyszałam, natomiast jego zdjęcia już mi się gdzieś obiły o oczy. Jeśli ma tylko 20 lat to jestem impressed :)

  3. w sumie to ma 19 lat,bo urodzil sie w pazdzierniku 1991 :)


  4. A kiedy napiszecie o mnie!?

    Mmio wszystko zapraszam


    Swietne prace

  5. Czytałem Vanity Teen Magazine na mój IPAD. To oszałamiający wygląd na IPAD. Używam Inne Edition Kiosk do czytania go w formacie cyfrowym.