piątek, 4 marca 2011

Everyone likes to Misbehave.

We are actually at the times, where fashion in Poland became "fashionable". 
Some girls are doing everything in order to become a model, others are spending nights and days on checking so called "trendsetters" blogs in quest the inspiration how to stand out from the crowd, or hosting one like that on their own. 
Young and creative designers sprang up like mushrooms after the rain, right after the massive attack of gifted photographers. 
Ha! We have even our private Fashion Week! 
Everything altogether it is creating pictures of fine campaigns, of advertisements which are helping us search for the personal style. 

Coming back to young designers, I would like to introduce one, which Im sure alot of us already heard about.
"MISBHV was born as the idea of Natalie & Kate on one hot spring night. Sharing passion for fashion design and advertising, they have been putting in work with their clothing label for the past 2 years. How is it that one word can describe an entire lifestyle? It’s because they vibe together and share enthusiasm in participating things that moved them.  [..]"

I am not able exactly to determine, when girls established a company. Happily they got used to work together with good photographers and beautiful models, and as everybody knows a good advertisement is a base. 
Quickly they gained thousands of supporters of their alternative style. Their t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, are reigning on  before mentioned trendsetters blogs. 
Alone I am holding treasure in the form of the bag "To nie elegancja Francja" ("It is not an elegance France")..

Regret that you couldn't see how I ran out of the car when I noticed her hanging loosely on the fence, when one day I visited our capital city. Love regards to somebody who lost it or left somewhere, it was already wayyy out of stock! 

Random from SS/10 collection full > http://misbhv.com/index.php/collections/ss10/

We can wonder why this brand took such a popularity back in so short time. I think, that its because these clothes have something to say, I mean, that it describes us, helps with expressing the way we are, our lifestyle.
But who knows, maybe we just like the fact of limited editions, being original is always .. good.
Like "Woah,  where did You get it from? Awesome jacket! But hey, please tell me where did You buy it.. HELL I WANT IT TOO RIGHT NOW!" "what?! what do You mean OUT OF STOCK?!.."
Well.. first come, first served :-)

Some from blogs:




New collection already in online store! > CLICK  (+ some sellouts! :-) )

For now fingers crossed for Natalia and Kasia, keep it up!

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