sobota, 26 marca 2011

She is a TOP Blogger! [MAFFASHION]

Good evening.
Today I can finally present my latest interview with an amazing and beautiful young lady, which luckily found a while to answer some questions to one of thousands viewers of her blog.
MAFFASHION or Madame Julietta.
6000 facebook fans, 20000 fans, 4500 observing blogspot, only now 59 ppl is watching her blog.
Top 10 of polish trendsetters, finalist of current edition of OSKARY FASHION in the category of bloggers.

When and how did you start your so-called adventure with the fashion? What happened that Your development moved so fast?
I made this blog exactly one year and five months ago. I'm interested in fashion since I remember. At the beginning it was mostly fascination to fashion photography, storing it on my computer, cutting out of newspaper beautiful pictures, inspirations. Development came just like that and rather uncontrolled way, because in the end we can't force anyone to visit this or that site:)
Do you think that your blog's popularity has influence on how much you are into this little world now, it is the passion what attracts readers?
I'm heavily involved in creating this blog, it required, and still requires a lot of work, and above all I need alot of time for it. The whole time I'm involved in the same way, for sure the image quality and "validity" of blog in my life has changed. As I mentioned before, popularity  is not 100% effect of my work:) From the very beginning I was creating this blog just they way I would like to see it as a reader. My specific "sense of aesthetics" has fulfilled the requirements and tastes of many other people as it turned out. It is extremely nice.

What in Your personal and professional life gives you the popularity of your website? Did open many new "door" and opportunities?
My personal life is a life like any other. I"m working, studying, I got a family, a boyfriend, friends:) Ok, sometimes someone recognize me on the street. I never expected that, and even now I still do not know how to behave in such a situation. I guess it's always embarrassing for me hehe.
Thanks to the blog I'm getting a lot of invitations, offers of collaboration which I never expected as well. However, I do not feel the need to be at all those events, media and fashion. Anyway, they are mainly these new opportunities, or rather a great experiences.

What is your recipe for success among thousands of other blogs?
At least once a week someone is asking me about it:)
Usually I'm ironic, saying that I googled the "pass for success" and typed in like a random code in The Sims.
No but, seriously, I always have a problem with the answer, because honestly I don't know.
I suggest
to lead the blog and enjoy creating it, and not to do it under pressure impulse and popularity. Because it is rather pointless and probably a little joyful process for the author.


Do you spend a lot of Your time on it? Perhaps the pressure of hundreds readers lurking for new posts is quite big :-)
The pressure is always:) For me, blogging is a relaxation, if I only have a little while I like to write something new:)
Personally, I love when something is going on there, that's why I'm posting news pretty often.

What are the main benefits that you probably have in connection with the popularity of your blog? Both mentally and physically :-)
Benefits? Internet World is not as gracious "sweet ":))) Every person who puts their image to the public opinion probably knows that. Mental benefits derive from people close to me, friendly, they always and everywhere support me. More popularity = more comments. I try not to care when I read the "interesting" offensive things from people who really know about me just as much as they can see on the blog.

Where do you see yourself in the future?  
I would like to know as well:) The last time everything in my life is changing much.  
Do not want to say anything yet;)
Biggest dream?:)
I'm looking at my grandchildren, sitting next to the fireplace in warm slippers, and there is a pile of VOGUEs (which I'm still able to read somehow).
Laptop on my desk and a lot of photos for next publication, not sure if on the same blog tho ;))
Do You have any other blog except of
Yes. Blog about jewelery 

Okay, some shorter questions,
 Favorite polish designer?
I don't have a favorite one. I really liked last projects of A. Maciejak.
Alexander Wang.
Usually You are shopping at..?
SH'ds, Zara, H&M :) everywhere if I like something.
We just had Fashion Weeks in biggest capitals of fashion.
Any collection You like the most?
There was too much. In each I can find something special, and it inspires me.
Favorite models?
Sasha Pivovarova, Daria Pleggenkuhle, Arizona Muse, Abbey Lee, Freja Beha Erichsen, Adriana Lima, Erin Wasson, Regina Feoktistova, Magdalena Frackowiak, Clara Alonso, Bianca Balti, Bruna Tenório, Marloes Hors, Bambi Northwood-Blyt, Cameron Russell , Ana Beatriz Barros, Julia Saner, Mona Johannesson ,Daphne Groenevel,  Daphne Groenevelk, Raica Oliveira, Katja Shchekina, Daniela Freitas
Favorite blog(s)?
For example Fashiontoast.

Well, this is fascinating, 1.5 year of writing, and so many fans.. but I guess that it only shows how many of us is actually really into fashion, and that we need some inspirations and guides, what this types of blogs gives us.

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  1. Wywiad ciekawy, ale błagam nauczcie się najpierw poprawnie pisać po angielsku zanim zaczniecie tłumaczyć, bo tekst roi się od błędów. Pozdrawiam.

  2. Ciesze się, że przynajmniej nie nudny :-)
    Co do błędów to jestem tego swiadoma, postaram się poprawic :-)

  3. Ojoj, bez przesady z tymi błędami...Chodzi o to,aby wiedzieć o co chodzi, zresztą wydaję mi się,że większość czytelników tego bloga to i tak Polacy...

    Jeżeli Aleksa jesteś specjalistką od j. obcych to może zaoferuj swoją pomoc zamiast krytykować?

    1. Chodzi o to ze polskim blogerkom marzy sie swiatowy poziom i wielu sie rzeczywiscie sporo udaje ale kiepski poziom angielskiego swiadczy o niedouczeniu :(

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  8. How tall was she? !